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The responsibility we have to our patients does not conclude at the end of your appointment. We provide a skin legacy not a skin snapshot and your treatment journey is always clear in its goals, smart in its approach and respectful of your skin’s future.

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Aesthetic Dermatology & health we provide excellent care solutions that is low cost & can be afford by all. We believe in customer satisfaction without compromising quality.

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Our Services

Aesthetic services are designed to help patients appreciate their natural beauty through treatments designed to enhance skin health and appearance. For some, this may be wrinkling or drooping around the eyes, facial botox injections for forehead wrinkles, permanent facial hair removal, or pigmentation correction.
Weight Loss

Obesity and Increased is a major problem. Sometimes Diet and Exercise sometimes is not enough. Also localized fat is very difficult to dissolve. We use non-surgical Liposuction, RF therapy, USG cavitation and Cool sculpting to reduce stubborn fat from Belly, Thigh, Back and other location.

A physical therapist is a medical professional who is knowledgeable about your body’s biomechanics. If there are any deficiencies in the physical movement of your body, they can identify the root cause and work on treating it. Specific areas get weakened after injury or need strengthening post-surgery. By working with your physical therapist, you can target these areas and relieve stress without causing pain.
Sauna Bath

Medicated sauna is most advanced whole body refreshing procedure. It helps to reduce toxin from your body, open sweat glands. It also has a regenerative effect. It has the healing power to heal the body and skin elements. Without any side effect. Get medicated sauna from our private and dedicated service.
Joint PRP

A PRP injection is a low-risk procedure and does not usually cause major side effects. The procedure use activated blood cell and growth factors from your body to help reduce joint pain, inflammation and restricted movement. The body itself heal through PRP so the effect is permanent.
Body Shaping

Accumulated fat makes our body out of shape. And its very difficult to get the body in shape even with hard diet and daily exercise. Now we have a painless way to shape up our body without and side effect. It uses the state of the art body sculpting machines to shape up the body.

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